Zoë Kundu



What is your name and what do you play?

I’m Zoё and I play the trumpet.

What and where do you study, and what are your ambitions?

I’m currently in y13, but I have an offer to study on the ‘Joint Course’ between Manchester University and the Royal Northern College of Music from September. I’d love to be a professional trumpet player or conductor, and I am also keen to do some music therapy.

What is your favourite memory of playing with WYS?

Mahler 4 was my first concert with WYS nearly four years ago, and that concert was one of the things that really confirmed I wanted to be a professional musician. Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto was also an incredible opportunity and a memory I will always treasure!

What is it like playing with the WYS?

It’s so much fun – very relaxed, but great standard of music-making and fab people.

What is Daniel like to work with?

He’s such a legend – super encouraging and amazingly inspiring. He always has a vision for the music and creates really moving performances.

What is your favourite piece of music and why?

Copland 3 – it’s such an epic journey of a piece (and has awesome brass parts!).

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