Henrietta Cooke



What is your name and what do you play?
My name is Henrietta Cooke and I play the Oboe.

What and where do you study, and what are your ambitions?
I am currently a third year undergraduate studying Music at the University of Southampton. Next year I will be studying at the Royal College of Music for my Masters, with the ambition of becoming a professional Oboist.

What is your favourite memory of playing with the WYS?
My favourite memory in WYS was performing Daniel’s Viola Concerto. I think it was our most moving performance.

What is it like playing with the WYS?
Playing with WYS is great fun because I get to play with my most favourite musicians and friends. I also have enjoyed playing in an orchestra in which its sound is constantly evolving and adapting to the vast range of repertoire we perform each term.

What is Daniel like to work with?
I have found working with Daniel to be a similar experience to working with older, professional conductors, because he shows a similar sort of musical maturity. However, he is the most energetic conductor I have ever worked with. Lots of jumping from the podium is involved in our performances.

What is my favourite piece of music and why?
Le Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel has been my favourite piece of music since I was 14. I still never tire of listening to it, and love the orchestra version as well as the original piano suite.

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