Ali Ryall




What is your name and what do you play?

My name is Ali and I play double bass.

What and where do you study, and what are your ambitions?

I study mechanical engineering at the University of Birmingham and my ambitions are to succeed at the highest level in whatever career path I choose to pursue; hopefully something combining engineering and music.

What is your favourite memory of playing with WYS?

My favourite memory also happens to be my first, when the conductor, Daniel, asked for assistance transporting timpani without realising that my car was the smallest Peugeot imaginable! It’s always fun to look back on the memory of driving round Watford at 5mph whilst a very ginger conductor that I had just met is straddled on the passenger seat preventing timpani from sliding out my boot.  

What is it like playing with the WYS?

WYS is one of the highest standard orchestras that I have the pleasure of playing with, and is by far the most friendly. I am always in awe and thrilled by the quality of music produced, with relatives and friends attending the concerts being of a similar view!

What is Daniel like to work with?

Daniel has a rare gift with music which he displays with such prowess in every rehearsal, not just concerts. He knows how to mould a piece of music to his needs whilst improving the sound and ability of all the musicians in front of him. An absolute joy to watch, and I truly believe he will reach the very top.

What is your favourite piece of music and why?

My favourite piece of music would have to be a tie between Holst’s “The Planets” and Howard Shore’s film score for “The Lord of the Rings”. I find the versatility on offer from “The Planets” is incredible, with “Jupiter” being a particular favourite. This is similar with The Lord of the Rings score, with the main shire theme never failing to make me happy inside. On top of this, both pieces are really great fun to play on the bass! 

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