Alastair Smith




What is your name and what do you play?

I’m Alastair Smith and I’m a Cellist from Rowley Regis in the Midlands.

What and where do you study, and what are your ambitions?

I study performance and composition at the university of Manchester and I intend to further my musical training while working as a teacher, before applying to study a performance masters at a college/conservatoire.

What is your favourite memory of playing with WYS?

My favourite memory of playing with WYS is either reaching the climax of the finale in Mahler’s 9th where the sound of the orchestra shook the church or the roar of 4 unison snare drums in Resphighi’s Roman Festivals!

What is it like playing with the WYS?

WYS is a fantastic orchestra to be a part of, maintaining a close friendly atmosphere where everyone gets on really well with a very high standard of music making. Each course offers something different and you always come away having learnt something new and interesting.

What is Daniel like to work with?

Daniel Hogan is an incredible young musician with a real knack for drawing at times intense and raw sounds out of the orchestra, and at times intimate and soft gestures. He works amazingly hard, working on every fine detail before we even enter the rehearsal hall and shows so much of what he’s aiming for with his conducting. Add this to the fact he’s a top lad and funny to boot and you’ve got a perfect man to work under.

What is your favourite piece of music and why?

As for a favourite piece of music – that’s hard! My favourite piece of chamber music at the moment is Shostakovich’s cello sonata, but other than that I’d have to plump for John Adam’s Chamber Symphony!

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